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tolkien_rpg's Journal

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Hello there! Welcome to the Tolkien RPG. Here you'll be able to take on any character from the books and maintain a journal for them. It's not terribly involved, but we do want to get a story going. Each person can take one character, and more than one if necessary.

This is strictly books. As much as we love the movies, we're keeping EVERY element of them out of here. You can use original illustrations from anyone, even yourself, if you'd like. We'd like you to keep movie stills and promo shots out of here. However, we're not all bad. If you draw a picture of your character based on the movie, you can use that.

Your Maintainers
If you have any questions, send them to us or to tolkien_role_play@yahoo.com.

The Way this Works
1. Get a journal for your character. You need to send your journal username and password to the e-mail above. Don't freak out- we're not gonig to yoink your journal. We need it for reference in case something happens or something. We can also set up a journal for you. This is also so we know to invite you. Just put the character's name in the subject field.

2. With your character's journal, add the community to your friends list. This is a closed community, so we'll need to add your charatcer. We won't add your's, just the character's.

3. As far as icons and layouts go, we can help you out with that. gloworm72787 can do layouts and icons, and undoubtedly there will be someone in the community who would be willing to help you out and is most likely far better at it than she is.

4. In this community journal (set to members only) will be a main storyline. This will be followed by all.

5. Dead charatcers are not available. Yes, I have been in RPGs where they are. Doesn't work that way. Nope nope nope. As much as we love charatcers like Théoden, Boromir, Grima, Saruman, Gollum, or Sauron, they aren't there.

6. Once we have enough characters, we will start on plot voting and whatnot. We plan to start after the Ring is destroyed, but we need to know how long after. We also will need some element of evil, as there would be no real story without it. That will be worked out when everyone joins.

7. We will send you adiscalimer to put in the info of your journal to say that we don't own Lord of the Rings, blah blah blah.

8. We're going to post a basic storyline when we get more members. Once that's posted, the story continues in your own character's journal. If you wish to contact or inerract with another character, post a letter or an objective third person story in the community. Comments can be used for direct interraction with the other character. Sorry for such specific rules, but suck it up. =P Lind-say and I killed ourselves coming up with this shite.

9. When in characher, please don't swear. Tolkien did it without swearing, so why shouldn't we? OOC posts can have SOME swearing, but keep those to an absolute minimum please.

Claimed Charatcers
Aragorn - gloworm72787
Arwen - colorofwater
Diamond Longcleave - opiumgaze
Éomer - charmed_
Éowyn - onmyshore
Faramir - htebazytook
Frodo - angagaladiel
Gandalf - goingxmissing
Legolas - elvenpaw
Lothiriel - wardrobewitch
Merry Brandybuck - domslover
The Mouth of Sauron - autumnhawk
Pippin Took - spaced_oddity
Orcs - orcqueen
Samwise Gamgee - babyonion
Tom Bombadil - nedthedinosaur