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Thursday, March 11th, 2004
9:38 am

Add these names to your friends lists for your character's journal. They are all of the community journals. Thanks!


gloworm72787 (Aragorn)
crimsonnight17 (Éowyn)

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Thursday, March 4th, 2004
5:12 pm - OOC

Just so we cna always know where we are without havingto pull out the book, here's a site with maps of middle earth you can look at on-line. You need Adobe to view them however.


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2:42 pm

Hey everyone, let's got going here! I know we're all busy and stuff, but I really want to get this off the ground! thumbs up to everyone who has started already. Let's get everyone else caught up, eh? Yeah, I agree. Go go go!

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Saturday, February 14th, 2004
11:39 pm

Alright kiddies, here's our start. I must apologize for the delay, but I've been INSANELY busy lately. You'll also have to excuse me if I'm not the most active person in the world. My rehearsal schedule is crazy insane. Okie, here it is! The start was written by autumnhawk, who plays the Mouth of Sauron. Another thanks to him as well! Here goes!

A fresh sort of calm descends over Middle Earth, even as people grieve
for the ravages of war. While loved ones have been lost, and homes and fields
ruined, a feeling of real hope has taken root in hearts across the land. Tears
can be cried now, and houses rebuilt, with a sense that this will not have to happen
again. Word of a new king, a new power, a new peace spreads and soothes people's hearts. The sense of resilience and courage, which will mark the Age of Men, spreads
from Minas Tirith to every shore. While the age of the elves and dwarves has come
to an end, still some dwell here in Middle Earth, and perhaps once again the three
races will live and work in harmony.

However, no great story ends so cleanly, and no Age is without its woes.
For while Men have thrown down a great evil and raised in its place a great king,
evil has always existed, and not just in the mind of Sauron. Men harbor not just
resilience and courage, but also cruelty and ambition, and as the shadow of war lifts, some turn from that terrible task to the terrible murmurings of their dark

Sauron has been defeated, but those who had borne his flags have not
evaporated but merely scattered to the four corners. The men who served the Dark
Lord fled to their homes and castles and watched this new King with their spears in
hand. They expect little mercy, for they would give none.

With no mighty hand over them, the many tribes of orcs fight each other
even as they flee to their dark hiding places. Knowing the Age of Men will have no
place for them other than what they make, they sharpen their blades and await their
chance. With them have fled other foul creatures who crawled from the bowels of
Barad-Dur and will haunt the Age of Men.

So in every direction lurk the creatures of evil, but yet they have no
leader, and must fight for their own survival. Perhaps they will scatter and deplete
until their days are gone. There is one however who would call them to his service, one who would use them to rule this Age of Men if he could. Once the Mouth of Sauron, he is a man, the blood of Numenor courses in his veins. The Age of Men dawns bright and full of promise, but even the brightest sun casts shadows. Within those
shadows, evil waits.

And thus marks the beginning of our RPG.

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Sunday, January 11th, 2004
4:27 pm

We basically only need a Gimli for me to be satisfied enough to start. =P Of course, I loathe Gimli, so we can just pretend he's dead too...

Haha, joking. *shifty eyes*

The point of my post: Does anyone want to take up a second journal or know someone who will play him?

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Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
5:07 pm

Okay pumpkins, we need a Sam, Gimli, and Faramir (basically- those are most consequential right now) before we can get going. So go around and tell your buddies to join up and such! There's also the option of someone taking a second character temporarily. I know I don't really have time to, hehe. We're close, though! Get some more people!

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1:02 pm - For Characters before we start

If you like, I could create a simple layout for your character journal. I have loads of Allan Lee pictures on my computer that can be used, or send me a link to an image you want. I can also do simple LJ over ride codes.
Take a look at my journal for an example.

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Sunday, January 4th, 2004
9:19 pm

Guys, remember, nothing movie related. As loverly as some of your icons are, they are movie-y. Might I remind you that the rules say no movie things? Hehe. Use an illustration of some sort. To us in our little RPG bubble here, the movies do not exist. So the actors? They're not real! *waves arms around mystically*

Call us ridiculous if you want, but we're nerds. =P

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9:09 pm

Well helloooo again!

It is I, Aragorn shaped! We're going to get some more characters before we get underway. Lind-say (Éowyn shaped) and I have decided that we're taking up after "The Scouring of the Shire" to avoid temp. usage of Saruman and Grima. If you have objections... okay. =P

We're going to go right after that for the 3 years until they run away to the Grey Havens. However, that won't be the end. You can continue stories there, but remember, the hobbits are mortal.

Here's the format: We're going to post a basic storyline when we get more members. Once that's posted, the story continues in your own character's journal. If you wish to contact or inerract with another character, post a letter or an objective third person story in the community. Comments can be used for direct interraction with the other character. Sorry for such specific rules, but suck it up. =P Lind-say and I killed ourselves coming up with this shite.

Oh, and that brings me to my next point. When in characher, please don't swear. Tolkien did it without swearing, so why shouldn't we? OOC posts can have SOME swearing, but keep those to an absolute minimum please. Once we get more characters, I should cool it with them myself. =D

Now to my next, and hopefully last, order of business. What are we going to do about evil forces or whatever? We'll be opening a poll for ideas, but first we need ideas. Leave them in comments. I have one myself, so I'll leave it as Aragorn in here momentarily. We have time set up already, so we just need an actual plot.

Don't be freaked out by all of this! We still have no idea what's going on either!

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2:50 pm

Welcome all! We're going to get started here as soon as we can, so sit tight until we get more characters.

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